Stand out from the Crowd

Let me open doors to an exciting career for you, all with the power of words. Think about it. Words can make us laugh, cry or feel triumphant. They can inspire us to take action for a just cause or to "fight the good fight".
Words, as leaders and politicians have known for centuries, can sway opinion, stir emotions and change mindsets.

They say that a person is blessed if they can make a decent living doing something they love.  Well, I love what I do, and I plan to keep doing it for a long, long time. So, if you’re looking for the cheapest wordsmith in town, frankly, you don’t want me.  However, if you’re looking for a friendly, trustworthy and knowledgeable resume-writer/ marketing professional who will treat you fairly and offer innovative, cost-effective solutions to your career goals, give me a call. + 61 410 492 121

My clients have chosen to rely on my services because they know they can count on me for all of their professional pursuits.  I know that job satisfaction is of paramount importance.  I realise how necessary it is to enjoy heading to work, each day.  You spend so much of your life there.  So I work with my clients one-on-one, to meet their individual needs; even one unhappy person to me, is not acceptable.

"I love to write. Besides, I wanted to ensure others could benefit from my writing. I also enjoy working with people and helping wherever I can."

Neil Heaton